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On January we finally see images of the title song of the cd that has meant the definite return of Teresa Iturrioz and Ibon Errazkin after making history in Spanish pop with LE MANS. "Pío Pío" is one of the best songs out lately and the UserT38 video gives it justice, wrapping it up with mysterious and very elegant images. The video transmits an unreal sensation from the beginning with recorded applauses which resonate in the empty space of the video set and a timeless sensation which impedes you in knowing if it’s set in the 40’s, 50’s, 70’s or directly in the imaginative future. Teresa Iturrioz is beautiful, elegant and distant like an Iranian woman. Throughout the instrumental part (the surprising and hit sampling symphony idea of Ibon Errazkin) she maintains inscrutable like an Egyptian sphinx, up until she starts to sing the wonderful lyrics of the song. Without losing her serenity, of course! The scenery is austere and could be seen as a black and white video if it was not for the colourful crest of a parrot. The video "Pío Pío" is fabulous and hypnotic and you will need to watch it again and again. Despite the apparent scarcity, one can discover new and suggestive ideas in each and every viewing.


On January SINGLE comes out a new EP “Pianístico” deepens even more the unexplored grounds which we caught glimpses of in the first two EP's and her fabulous debut album. The song which opens up the new EP is a strong statement of intent which inspired the name of the album "Pío Pío." A sampling symphony with Bollywood styles floating about, forming a multicolored collage from reshaping and mixing together a little bit of reggae, country, easy listening, including a brief reference of KRAFTWERK, creating impossible melodies and completely new rhythms. Along with the chirping of the piano of the star song, there are another three songs on this splendid CD-Single. "Té chino" is practically a lyrical tour de force and is a playful waltz between Teresa and her habitual collaborator on the piano, Rafael Guillermo (POP TOPS), "Cantiga para pedir dos tostoes," a cover of a song of the 70's by the Portuguese singer, José Mário Branco. The frenetic and psychedelic version counts on the collaboration of Rafael Guillermo, again on the piano, and ANTI on background vocals. Finally, “Los Muebles” is a poetic and an aggressive song, as well; experimental, showing the endless restlessness and curiosity of this one and only musical project: it shows a Teresa converted into an Iberian Yoko Ono whaling out poems of the Argentinean writer, Julio Cortazar, with the counterpart of the serene and warm voice of Jose Anitua (ex CANCER MOON), who collaborated on “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi,” the last song on the last album of LE MANS.


And we still haven't touched on the cover art, the spectacular photography where Teresa's image is displayed as a bird-woman, a princess of disappeared civilizations that lived in trees and dominated with the skill of silver work. Once again, the photo, as well as the helmet that Teresa has on is the master work of Javier Aramburu.


We had to wait for the “Pio Pio” tour (just as we had to wait in general for the Teresa and Ibon concerts – twelve years without knowing if we would ever get to see them on stage!), but it turned out to work in their favor, considering the success of the concerts they’ve given so far. The official live debut of SINGLE is in the Actual festival in Logroño, on January 5th.
Ibon and Teresa are accompanied by two close friends (Tito Pintado and Joan Vich, the former ex PENELOPE TRIP and currently ANTI, and the latter THE FRANKENBOOTIES and PATRULLERO MANCUSO, and currently also with JONSTON). They perform in Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca; the long wait has been totally worth it. The album’s official live presentation in the club El Sol in Madrid completely filled the house and was an incredible concert – Teresa shone like never before, accompanied by Ibon’s guitar, Tito’s voice and Joan’s keyboards. There were classics from their repertoire, new versions of already known songs, B-sides and, above all, smiles, both in the audience and on stage. SINGLE play their first concert outside Spanish borders on Sunday, May 18th in the Nouveau Casino in Paris; they introduced themselves to the French audience in a concert that many had been waiting for, for a long time. There’s a reason that SINGLE have a lot of followers there since the LE MANS era, and even more, in this new period, since the prestigious magazine Magic gave them the whole cover (and a ten page article!) to announce the news of the album release there.


In the summer they play in the International Benicassim Festival.


On November 22nd, SINGLE go to Berlin to play in one the famous parties organized by the designer and musician Jim Avignon. The concert takes place in the Sala Neurotitan, a bookstore and art gallery in the center of Mitte, the most central neighborhood in Berlin.



The single "Pianístico" is the single of the year on the annual best of lists according to Rockdelux; the group is also very well placed on the list of best live shows.


February 7th they perform in Alicante on the lineup in the Camon space in the Cultura de la CAM / Obra Social de Caja Mediterráneo.


In June they release "Mr. Shoji", a song in which SINGLE rides a contagious wave of synthetic rhythm that blends Jamaica with Chicago. Raggamuffin and blues meet in an incredibly natural union that is heightened by the pop spirit that always runs through their productions. In the best Jamaican tradition, the B-side of this vinyl single (pop’s original format, which compliments songs and pays tribute to sound systems) is a dub version of the title song. SINGLE asked the one and only Mr. Shoji to make them a video-clip for the song. Mr. Shoji is none other than Japanese DJ Rootsseker, who has been settled in Spain for several years and has previously worked with the group on the version of "Honey" included in "Pío Pío", and with Ibon on the selection of reggae songs entitled "Spanish Trojan Sound Box", released by PIAS en 2003. The video-clip is made of photographs snapped here and there by Mr. Shoji himself. We would also like to make a special mention of the new and fabulous work of Javier Aramburu on the cover of 7”. Aramburu keeps giving us the best of his art in his designs for SINGLE. This time it’s not a photo of Teresa on the cover but, as it was on the album, a perfectly executed sketch that is both fun and beautiful. Just like SINGLE’s music, really.


"Pío Pío" is chosen as the best album of the last ten years by Rockdelux magazine.



"Mr. Shoji" is chosen as the best song of 2009 by Rockdelux magazine.


In October comes out "Monólogo interior", their second album. Anyone who knows the cult-following they had fronting LE MANS will find some clues on this disc that connect this mythical past to the splendorous future that has opened up before them with this new project. If “Pío pío”, SINGLE’s first album, was a collecting of songs written over a period of years, experimenting with new formats, rhythms and programs, and forging a new path with their untiring curiosity, “Monólogo interior” is a more classic and compact album, without a conceptual story but definitely with a more intimate focus, even introspective on occasions. The album has an abundance of images that evoke feelings of loss and nostalgia and it is less decidedly rhythmic.


And what can be said about the austere and beautiful work by Javier Aramburu, that continues to surprise on every album cover for the group, finding new and ever more precious ways to portray Teresa. The cover of “Monólogo interior” is like a lost Vermeer painting, full of serene and mysterious beauty. With a cover like this, there is a special pleasure in the moment you take the disc out of the case, put it in the player and wait for the sound of the equally beautiful, serene and mysterious music.



“Monologo interior” has reached, on its own merit, the highest spots on the “Best of” lists for 2010 in the majority of the music magazines and specialized media. Their concerts have become an extension of that shocking personality and that unique universe; in fact Rockdelux placed their live show as the second best in the country on their 2010 “Best of” list and they explain: “SINGLE’s concerts are infrequent, but greater in number than they were two years ago. They are also varied, talented and, not only now but starting ages ago, theatrical. Teresa sings better and better all the time and her wardrobe changes…” They concluded with by proclaiming them “A national treasure”. Those wardrobe changes have a proper name, and it is Carlos Díez Díez, one of the most important, radical and alternative fashion designers in our country. Carlos has become, and has been for some time now, a crucial part of the group’s image, and he is also an important protagonist, along with Miguel Gutiérrez, in the group’s new audiovisual adventure, their new video “Fotos”.


In September they release "Noi Pomodori", a limited-edition, tomato-red 7”. A tribute to "Io Pomodoro", the album that actress Lucía Bosé recorded in 1981 with classical composer Gregorio Paniagua.


In October, the band presents the clip of "Dime Quién Eres, Desconocido Vecino". Miguel Gutiérrez and Carlos Díez Díez are in charge of directing and producing SINGLE’s new video, putting images to Ibon and Teresa’s cover version.










"Anexo" Recorded live, 300 copy limited-edition vinyl, with the cover art by the always infallible Javier Aramburu. When we talked about “Monólogo Interior”, we said it was a more intimate and compact album than its predecessor, “Pio Pio”, though the overflowing imagination of Ibon Errazkin’s production work and the amazing synthesizers of Genís Segarra still mark SINGLE as a group with tremendous personality and overwhelming creativity. For the release of said album, which reinforced their legions of fans and the admiration of critics, the did a series of concerts in minimalist format, in harmony with the base on which they built the album, and which have ultimately given way to what is the third album from the group from San Sebastian, “Anexo”. Ibon and Teresa themselves explain it like this 












On May 5th, “Rea”, SINGLE’s new album, is being released. The album was produced by HIDROGENESSE, and once again, the cover, is (a masterpiece) by Javier Aramburu 









Release their third album, “Rea”. Submerging yourself in the album’s songs and discovering all the surprises hidden throughout it is magical. The dub and reggae sounds that Ibon and Teresa are so passionate about abound, and it’s main point of reference is Lovers Rock, a movement which started in the very early days of reggae, when important Jamaican and U.S. singers like Ken Boothe, Johnny Nash and John Holt all achieved international success with reggae versions of popular love songs. The movement ultimately found its base in London thanks to the work of Dennis and Eve Harris, who founded the label that gave the musical style its name, and with which artists like Janet Kay, Louisa Marks and 15-16-17 were so successful 









SINGLE: Release a video and digital single for "Me Enamoré" with a previously with a previously unreleased song as the B-side. SINGLE is a one-of-a-kind, inimitable group, and we will never get tired of saying so. We are still... 









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