PAPA TOPO "Dime Mentiras" Single Digital

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“Dime Mentiras” is the new single from PAPA TOPO, which will be included on their upcoming album, “Tormenta De Verano”, to be released in 2024. This advance single is a song about loneliness in the modern world, and Adriàexplains the universe surrounding this song in his own words.


“In the context of a hyperconnected society, where there are more and more interpersonal relationships but these relationships are more and more superficial, love becomes a product to use and throw away. It seems like in this meat market, those who sell themselves better, who collect more lovers, have more value. In this rat race of meeting as many people as possible, I have often felt profoundly alone, surrounding myself with people with whom I have nothing in common, and for whom I have just been another notch on their list of ordinary loves.


The song expresses the boredom and sadness of feeling alone in a crowd and the need to escape, to lie to yourself, to fantasize about profound emotional connections. This is what capitalism drives us to - the obsession with accumulating lovers, like accumulating objects, like accumulating goods. And the music industry also puts a lot of pressure on numbers: caught up in an endless whirlwind of releasing singles and albums, music groups are constantly anxious to create viral publications that lead to millions of streams. Sometimes it seems more important to be in the spotlight than to reflect on what kind of music you want to make.


In PAPA TOPO, we have tried to avoid falling into that pattern, taking the time we need to create the music we believe in. Keeping out of the trends and pressures of the market, we have been as free as possible, always with the support of our label, Elefant Records. It has been a long time since we released our first album, but in the meantime, we have not forgotten about our relationship with music. Júlia, Sònia and Óscar have continued growing as artists, getting involved in other projects. I have finished studying composition; I have been able to work on diverse music projects for television and film while also writing lyrics and arrangements for this new album, which I have poured my heart and soul into. This single is proof of that, and the artistic dedication that has gone into it is clear: the details of the orchestration, the subtle electronic production, the care and attention that have gone into the lyrics... Although it might seem like a simple song, so much work has gone into it”.

Adrià Arbona


Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. Now all we have to do is enjoy “Dime Mentiras”, a hit to dance to with tears in your eyes.




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