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NENAS is the salvation project of Celia Spellman, that soul embodied in adolescent pop star obsessed with the creation of new worlds. After forming part of MARTIRIO MARTIRIO along with Chantal Cruel, and of participating in Yana Zafiro’s first full length, with NENAS she is finally taking on a personal project where she tells quotidian stories with a queer personality, and criticizes, acerbically and ferociously, modern society.




With a complex sound that dances between bubblegum pop, hardcore and chiptune, her music is to a certain extent in line with artists like PUTOCHINOMARICÓN, using current sounds to unmask a society that is anxious to classify and define, to construct archetypes and use them to try to make an impossible organization of the human species following parameters people build their personal identities on.


That’s why, when someone asks who Celia Spellman is, the only answer will be the sound of their own echo. Committed to protecting her identity and not revealing it to anyone, she flees from all those conformities, the generalizations and classifications. The only thing left is to give yourself up to the mystery that promises to save us all from the emptiness of existence.








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