"The Svensson's Syndrome", by Kepa Sojo

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The first nonsense-pop movie

On March 23rd has been premiered in Spain the movie "The Svensson's Syndrome", the first full length movie by Spanish filmmaker Kepa Sojo, who had already been awarded many times with his previous short movies, "100 maneras de hacer el pollo al txilindrón", "Looking for Chencho" and "Cuando puedas".

Defined as the first nonsense-pop movie, "The Svensson's Syndrome" is a nonsensical, surrealistic, underground film with music as its background. The main characters travel in an absurd epic trip to Xàtiva, where there's a pop megaconcert by the hype band of the moment, the KU-3. Music is a very important part of the movie, and on it we can listen to such important names in the independent music scene as FAMILY, LA CASA AZUL, TENDER TRAP, NOSOTRÄSH, JUNIPER MOON or MOGUL.

The original soundtrack has been composed by Basque composer Fernando Velásquez, who has been awarded with the Best OST Award at the Mostra de Valencia. In the movie's music it's specially remarkable the music composed for the fictitious bands appearing on it: "Los Balones" and "KU-3". Other genres like hip-hop and death metal are also mimicked in several moments of the score.

"The Svensson's Syndrome" is starred by Adrià Collado, José Sancho, Lluvia Rojo, Eulalia Ramón, Secun de la Rosa, Alejandro Garrido, Fele Martínez, Nacho Vigalondo and almost forty other actors.

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