Lightning In A Twilight Hour

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Herald Scotland [En]: "Fragments of a Former Moon" [Review]

Lightning in a Twilight Hour, Fragments of a Former Moon (Elefant)     Fragments of a Former Moon(Elefant)I know, I know. One look at the group name and album title will be enough for many people to decide what Robert Wratten's new project sounds like and whether or not they are going to like i…



Norman Records [En]: Fragments Of A Former Moon [Review]

Lightning In A Twilight Hour   Fragments Of A Former Moon  Back in February our anorak-clad Clinton went all fan-boy over Field Mice’s Bobby Wratten’s new project Lightning In A Twilight Hour, reviewing the EP ‘Slow Changes’ and giving it a hasty but well deserved 9/10. Proc…



Penny Black Music [Es]: "Fragments of a Former Moon" [Review]

   Band:Lightning in a Twilight Hour Title:Fragments of a Former Moon Reviewed By:Anthony Strutt Label:Elefant Release Date:2015 Style:Label'Fragments of a Former Moon' is the debut full album release of Lightning in a Twilight Hour, the new band of Trembling Blue Stars and the Field Mice…



Penny Black Music [Es]: Slow Changes [Review]

Band:Lightning in a Twilight Hour  Title:Slow Changes  Reviewed By:Anthony Strutt  Label:Elefant  Format:10"  Release Date:2015     This debut release appears on limited-to 500-only clear vinyl with a free once-only download. I was under the impression from sources close to Bobby Wratten that he h…



Dagger Zine [En]: "Slow Changes" [Crítica]

Lightning in the Twilight Hour- SLOW CHANGES ep (ELEFANT)  I can tell that voice anywhere. Yup, it’s Mr. Bobby Wratten who since the late 80’s with the Field Mice has been breaking hearts all over the world with his patented melancholy. After the Field Mice disbanded Wratten and company…



Norman Records [En]: "Slow Changes" [Review]

 Lightning In A Twilight Hour 10": Field Mice lads back together. The feel good indie pop story of the year. Baaaaaawwwwwbbbyyys back! In news that pleases the two ageing still anoraked indie kids who reside here at the towers still dreaming of the days that they swooned to ‘Emma’s House…











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