Lightning In A Twilight Hour

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Rockdelux [Es]: "An All The Ships At Sea" mini album [Review]



Penny Black Music [Es]: "And All the Ships at Sea" [Review]

'And All the Ships at Sea' is the third vinyl release from Bobby Wratten's latest project Lightning in a Twilight Hour, and again it appears on beautiful coloured vinyl, this time in white, while the sleeve and inner sleeve are black, giving it an instant Factory Records-style grace even…



Norman Records [En]: "And All The Ships At Sea" [Review]

Lightning In A Twilight Hour   And All The Ships At Sea 9/10I’ve been ranting internally all week about what has happened to everything. How everyone seems to be het up about nothing. About how everything is designed just to get something trending., Radiohead cancel the internet so we have to…



Music Won't Save You [It]: "And All The Ships At Sea" [Review]

LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR – And All The Ships At Sea(Elefant, 2016)  Orgoglioso ricordo del passato e uno sguardo rivolto a un futuro ancora da scrivere continuano a incrociarci nel presente creativo di Bobby Wratten che, in contemporanea con la ripubblicazione dell’album finale dell&…



Mondosonoro [Es]: "Fragments Of A Former Moon" album [Review]



Diario Abierto [Es]: "Slow Change" [Review]

  Bobby Wratten crea nuevo grupoLuis Picabia Bobby Wratten y el pop bucólicoVuelve con nuevo grupo y más innovación.  Bobby Wratten es uno de los maestros del pop bucólico. Lo combina con máquinas. Curiosamente, al tiempo que al nombre de cada nuevo grupo le daba más longitud verbal, a su música le …



Sound Blab [En]: "Fragments of A Former Moon" [Review]

Fragments of A Former Moon Twilight In A Lightning HourLabel: Elefant RecordsRelease date: 2015-04-20  Reviewed By  Jeff Penczak  9.5    Bobby Wratten returned to Elefant with a 10” mini-album in February and here is his first full length since his self-imposed hiatus following Trembling Blue…











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