Elefant party in Madrid

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On the last days of 2006 and the first days of 2007 Madrid is flooded with cultural activities surrounding the celebrations of what was called the Movida: a creative effervescence that happened in the city right after Franco's death and with the arrival of democracy (the most famous representative of which is Pedro Almodovar). Among these activities there's a series of concerts that, under the common moniker "Madrid.06 - Música nuevos creadores", joins twenty concerts where every night an independent record label will show their new acts in a local venue.
The night corresponding to Elefant Records will happen on saturday 6th of January (the day of the Three Wise Men!), at the Neu!Club, located at the Galileo venue. So, after you have received your presents (or your coal!), you can come to Galileo and watch three bands from our label: LA MONJA ENANA, CORAZÓN and the just arrived LINDA GUILALA (ex JUNIPER MOON). Besides, after the shows DJ Polar will spin some great music, and videoclips from the label will be screened.
The party -which will start with the live shows at 21:30 and will end up with the polar session at 5:30- is of free entrance until the venue is full. If you're not in Madrid or can't come to the party, you can also watch the shows, both live and deferred, via the venue's website:




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