La Monja Enana release a compilation in France

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Whilst they keep working on new songs for their forthcoming releases, Juan and Ana -that is, LA MONJA ENANA- are still taking advantage of the recordings that have previously brought them to successful moves as playing in Russia or being chosen as Single of the Week in the late Melody Maker magazine.

LA MONJA ENANA will play Paris‚ OPA club on May 5th, at the official party which will launch the release of their first album for the French market. Avignon‚s record label La Bulle Sonore has just released “Un secret terrible”, a compilation comprised of their two singles, but which also adds to them a good handful of extras: songs taken from the “Qué Mutada” project (and album and a tour where they collaborated with EL AVIADOR DRO and L-KAN), plus some other lost tracks and previously unreleased songs taken from their demos, as well as an additional track for the “Amor cuántico” videoclip.

Among the extra material included in this French compilation we can find lost tracks such as their cover version of FAMILY´s “Al otro lado” or “Otra dimensión”, a cover version of the original song by Spanish afterpunk stalwarts ALASKA Y LOS PEGAMOIDES, until today only available on March Records‚ ”Little Molly has a treat for you” compilation (released in November 2000, on it LA MONJA ENANA shared space with BAXENDALE, WALTZ FOR DEBBIE or CLUB 8).

Another demo that appears for the first time on “Un secret terrible” is the fantastic cover version LA MONJA ENANA did of Spanish underground dance hit “A por ti”, originally sung by freakish gothic TV diva Tamara.

**The record is already out and available on Elefant Records‚ mail order.

The complete song list on “Un secret terrible” is as follows:
01. Números
02. Amor cuántico
03. Los días de Perky Pat
04. Me enamoré de un robot
05. Estoy solo
06. Al otro lado
07. Los inocentes
08. Criticar
09. Villa pingüino
10. Cartas de amor
11. Como Lovecraft
12. Estrella fugaz
13. Casa de muñecas
14. Por amor al arte
15. Bajo tierra
16. Otra dimensión [Demo version]
17. A por ti [Demo version]
18. Amor cuántico [Videoclip]


May 5th
La Monja Enana
+ Dj Bulle Sonore
Time: 21:00 Price: Free Entrance
Club O.P.A
Biscornet 75012, Metro: Bastille [Sortir Lyon]



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