LA MONJA ENANA: 25th Anniversary Concert MADRID

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LA MONJA ENANA is one of the groups that best symbolizes a golden period at Elefant Records. 2024 is their 25th anniversary, and their 25 years requires a special celebration. This celebration is going to happen on October 5th in Sala Siroco, which has welcomed them to their stage so many times, especially in Juan de Pablos’ “Flor de Pasión” parties. There are so many reasons, in addition to the group’s anniversary, that make this celebration unique. Let’s start from the beginning.


Their career started off strong. In January 1999, they were formally introduced to the world as the opening band for METEOSAT in Madrid, they participated in Elefant parties along with NIZA, VACACIONES and JUNIPER MOON, and in August that year they released their first single, “Pídeme Un Deseo”. This single became what was probably the first Spanish single to be single of the week at the prestigious British music magazine Melody Maker. Soon after, it was playing on the BBC at the hand of none other than John Peel. And as an added treat, they were also played on Boston College Radio’s WZBC. While songs were included on various compilations, and they still hadn’t released their first album, they continued wracking up the hits and playing concerts sharing the stage with groups that were just coming out at a huge moment for pop music in Spain, like LA CASA AZUL, LA PEQUEÑA SUIZA, PARADE, LA CHUFA LISÉRGICA ...


In July 2000 they participated in a tribute to FAMILY in the inauguration of the legendary Madrid club Ochoymedio, where they played two of the San Sebastian duos’ songs. 24 years later, Ochoymedio is still one of the most important clubs in the capital.


In 2001, the North American publishing house Prentice Hall published “Conexiones”, a textbook to learn Spanish that included two songs by LA MONJA ENANA: “Bajo Tierra” and “Cartas De Amor”. In December the same year the group played a series of shows in Russia. They are probably the first Spanish indie group to perform in that country. They played shows in Moscow and Yekaterinburg, and in the “International Electronic Music Festival” held in the city of Izhevsk on December 1 and 2.


Tetric songs, so to Juan’s liking, combine perfectly with Ana’s colorful melodies and sweet voice. And their success continued to rise. In 2002 there is a double release: a split album with AVIADOR DRO and L KAN, “¡Qué Mutada!”, and, finally, their second single, “Un Cadáver Que Abre Un Ojo”. In 2005, their singles and some lost songs are collected on the album “Un Secreto Terrible”, released in France on La Bulle Sonore and in Mexico on Molécula Records. It isn’t until 2008 when they release their first full-length album, “Humo Y Espejos”. There are many concerts all over Spain and also in cities beyond the Spanish borders, in Mexico City, Monterrey, Tijuana, Paris, Lima, Stockholm and Los Angeles. In 2015, they share a new adventure with AVIADOR DRO and L KAN on the album “Supergrupo: Crisis en Autonomías Infinitas”.


The rest is history. Ana has since been the singer for COLA JET SET, LAS ANNETTES and is currently the official singer of LOS FRESONES REBELDES and Juan, always loyal to the future and to new technology, came in second in the world with the PAMP! team in the “AI Song Contest” (international contest for songs made with the help of AI) in 2022, and third in 2023. The LA MONJA ENANA songs have continued to be included on compilations in Peru, Mexico, Japan... On TV shows and events. They became one of those groups with an elusive trajectory, but who made an unforgettable mark. That’s why seeing them on stage again is going to be a huge celebration. The kind no one wants to miss. That’s why we’re letting you know well in advance. So, you can mark the date on your calendar with a special color.


Saturday, 05 october 2024

LA MONJA ENANA: 25th Anniversary Concert

San DImas 3

Time: 21:30




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