LA CASA AZUL [Es]: "A T A R A X I A" Digital Single and Video

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The third advance Single of "La Gran Esfera", the new album by LA CASA AZUL.


Ataraxia (from ancient Greek ἀταραξία). F. phil.: State of mind characterized by tranquility, serenity and freedom from emotional disturbance with respect to the soul, logic and feelings. The human being, through reducing the intensity of passions and desires that can alter their mental and physical balance and strength in the face of adversity, reaches a balance and, ultimately, happiness.


Juanma Carrilo [Director of the  A T A R A X I A video]: I wanted to try to express in images the inexplicable feeling and chemistry that comes from desiring a person for the first time, as if you needed that person’s air to breathe. I decided to capture a simple story of love and encounters, but letting myself go with the flow in the dreamy moments, like the levitations that the ataraxic desire itself produces in the stars of the story. More than just trying to show, without being shy about it, sexual encounters that were full of passion and at the same time a certain pleasure in provocation and the possibility of being seen in public places, I decided to record it using primarily wide angle lenses as a small tribute to the grandiosity that the director Terrence Malick infuses in his movies, especially “The Tree of Life”. For the final scene, I had John Cameron Michell’s crazed “Shortbus” in mind, since the “love party” - as we called it on set - was supposed to be a mix between a 90s rave and a luminous, clandestine orgy. The shadow of Michael Winterbottom’s “9 Songs” was also there, as well as, of course,  Larry Clark, Lars Von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac”, and a couple of classics by Louis Malle like “Damage” and “Les Amants”. And in the midst of all of this, Guille Milkywayis there as doctor love, but as worldly, intimate and carnal as possible.




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