LA CASA AZUL:"Podría Ser Peor" New song Digital Single

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This is the beginning of a new adventure, which will be just as exciting as the previous ones, all of which we, the fans of LA CASA AZUL, have experienced.


This song is for all of you. Thank you for your infinite patience and welcome to “La Gran Esfera” by LA CASA AZUL.


For many of us, unconditional fans of LA CASA AZUL, the wait has been almost endless and our need has been great. We have been waiting with you and like you - desperate and longing for that feeling to come back of listening to a new song by one of the most inspired, emotive, and fascinating artists that the music world has known in recent years.


As often happens in these cases, all this time we have had to wait is more than made up for by listening to just the first few seconds of “Podría Ser Peor”; it is the essence of LA CASA AZUL, that liquefier of styles and sounds that mixes to perfection all the ingredients that these Pop songs need to have in order to become instant, eternal hits. The luminous melodies, the love that is once again the main attraction with its joy for unhappiness and the pain of failure, songs to be played on starry summer nights, brushes of house music, disco arrangements, the emotive stops, the vocoders, all the strength of europop... This is all the definitive magic of Guille’s songs - a magic that goes straight to our hearts and moves us to extreme happiness despite the fact that we are singing at the top of our lungs about the wearing down of love and the deterioration of a relationship.






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