LA CASA AZUL: Amazing Live Performance and Video of “La Polinesia Meridional”

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We just got to Valencia and we can’t wait to tell you about LA CASA  AZUL’s incredible tour-opening concert . The Mirror club was full with all tickets completely sold out and Guille was exuberant and exultant like we’ve rarely seen him before. He was backed on stage for the first time by two musicians, and they played a selection of the best songs from LA CASA  AZUL’s discography, including a good part of “La Polinesia Meridional”. The stage set was incredible, full of imagination and fantasy, with a light and color spectacle that went beyond a concept and a projection and became an integral part of the concert, thanks to the interaction with the musicians and the songs, something we dare to say is practically unheard of with national groups. Don’t miss a single one of their upcoming concerts!!

Without even enough time to wake up from the dream, we’re bringing you the video, specifically, for “La Polinesia Meridional”, created by Jean-Marie Marbach. He is a respected director in the audiovisual world, and he has won prizes in several festivals in the world with his video for THE GENTLE PEOPLE, “H20”, which is an incredible futuristic hallucination. In this case, we can watch Guille escape from a force-field in order to get to paradise, his Polinesia Meridional. The video delves deeper into the escapist concept that runs throughout the album and ends in a precious, exciting and evocative fantasy, with an ending that’s so amazing it gives us goose bumps, and that lets our star achieve one of his hidden, secret dreams: to fly. Enjoy!


Watch the video here:



2012 Directed by Jean-Marie Marbach
Editing by Philippe Negre 
Director of Photography : Yoan Cart
Assistant DP : Simon Picazos
Make-up : Elodie Millon
3D modeling : Georges Ginoux
Production : Jean Buisson-Ramey & Charlotte François BLISTER Prod



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