We have La Casa Azul’s new video-clip

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“Todas tus amigas” is the advance single from "La Polinesia Meridional", the imminent new album by LA CASA AZUL that will be released in 2011. The song has become an instant classic in the repertoire of one of the most loved and respected artists of the independent international scene. Since we announced the surprise release of the new single there has been so much excitement and so many expectations, and so many people dying to hear something new by LA CASA AZUL that it produced total craziness online just a few hours after the video became available on the most important digital platforms. It didn’t take long for “Todas tus amigas” to reach the number one spot on the iTunes digital sales list, nor for all the music blogs to make news of the release of Guille Milkyway’s new song. The movement that the news generated on the social networks (Twitter, Facebook...) was absolutely amazing, not to mention the fact that the fans and followers of LA CASA AZUL were thrilled with this little taste of the new album.

“Todas tus amigas” was the first song that Guille wrote after “La Revolución Sexual” and it is the perfect link in the evolution of what “La Revolución Sexual” was and what "La Polinesia Meridional" will be. But the really big news now is the presentation of the official video-clip for “Todas tus amigas”. Guille had a very clear idea in his head of what images he wanted for the video and the feelings he wanted it to transmit, from the very first day he began working on the song. Nadia Mata has been able to make his dream a reality and she gave the video all the necessary elements to open the feelings and the concept that the song is all about out into two different directions: one, the literal meaning of the song and the other, the new fantasy world adventure that always envelopes LA CASA AZUL. Enjoy it and don’t forget that this is just the beginning of the grand new adventure that "La Polinesia Meridional" will be.

You can see the video here

On sale at iTunes



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