La Casa Azul, sold out tickets [Madrid]

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Ever since we announced the release of “La Revolucion Sexual” a true revolution has broken out amongst LA CASA AZUL fans. The tickets to both of the Madrid concerts in Sala Sol (Nov. 16th and 17th)  have been sold out since last week, clearly demonstrating the excitement this new album is causing .  We felt the fever rise with the number of LA CASA AZUL fans when the album was released in FNAC in Madrid and Barcelona, with lines of people cueing for Guille Milkyway to sign their copy of the new release: the cds quickly sold out, and Guille ended up autographing until the stores closed their doors to the public. The same positive energy ignited at the Elastico Club in Madrid where fans were waiting patiently outside before the club even opened: it’s clear that the LA CASA AZUL phenomenon would not exist without the faithfulness and enthusiasm of fans. Without you, none of this would be possible. Although we were ecstatic with the ticket sales this weekend in Madrid, we’re left with a bittersweet sensation for those of you who were not able to purchase tickets. Do not be discouraged and do not throw out the possibility of seeing upcoming concerts in other cities (and sharing the experience with fans from other parts of the country).

Throughout this week you can hear Guille presenting songs from the album on the radio program Siglo 21 on Radio 3, read interviews in various national newspapers such as: Tuesday Nov. 13tth (PÚBLICO Newspaper), Friday Nov. 16th (La Luna EL MUNDO), Friday Nov. 16 (LA RAZÓN), and the amazing, bomb news is that the Guillemania jumps into the mainstream: next Sunday November 18th you can read all about Guille/LA CASA AZUL in the supplement of EL PAÍS SEMANAL (EPS). Even your grandma will know about LA CASA AZUL!



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