La Casa Azul, new album

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We were so anxious for this moment to arrive: at least, new album by LA CASA AZUL! It will be named "La revolución sexual" ("The sexual revolution"), and it features thirteen new songs where Guille Milkyway makes a big step forward in the evolution of his sound and the concept of one of the more successful records we have ever released in Elefant Records. This album is not only awaited in Spain, but also in many other countries where LA CASA AZUL is a much beloved name, as Japan, Mexico, Korea, Singapore and many others.

On this new release we will discover one of the best kept secrets of our age: the boys and girls in the band... are not human! They are humanoids, programmed by Guille so that they can perform his hyper-tech, super-vitaminic, heavily Nippon influenced pop songs! Soon we will let you know more about this, but you must also know that in the new songs by LA CASA AZUL both sound and the themes they sing about evolve towards new landscapes, without losing the direction they have always followed: love and despair are not the only axis on the songs anymore, but we find other feelings as frustration, failed relationships or personal fears; but the music does not lose its chirpy, effervescent qualities at all: this goes to the extreme and the new songs sound even more technological, more Made in Shibuya than ever.

We will soon have a videoclip of the title track (directed, of course, by house director Domingo González), and you will be able to listen to tracks with titles as suggesting as "La nueva Yma Sumac", "No más Myolastan" or the tribute to their favourite classic artists in "Esta noche sólo cantan para mí" ("Tonight they sing only for me"). Get ready for the aesthetic and sonic revolution on the new album by LA CASA AZUL!

LA CASA AZUL: new album
picture: Nuevo disco de La Casa Azul



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