La Casa Azul y Beef on a TV ad

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Music by bands on Elefant Records has been used very often as the perfect dressing for movies, TV series and several commercials. Many music advisors and publicity executives are fans of the label and its bands, and obviously a big part of the music we release is ideal for this task. The last experience we've had on this note is the ad for the new Samsung mobile telephone, where two songs from our catalogue have been chosen as soundtrack to its images: "Avalon" by BEEF (already used in the US on a "Summerland" episode) and the new song by LA CASA AZUL "Un mundo mejor" (which will be included on their next album, "La revolución sexual"). Besides, the ad has been directed by a longtime friend, director Domingo González (who directed the short film "Las superamigas contra el Profesor Vinilo", and videos by LA CASA AZUL or CAMERA OBSCURA). So get ready to watch daily on TV an ad with pop aesthetics and delicious music in the background. We wish all TV would be like this. Click here!

LA CASA AZUL - Myspace

BEEF - Myspace



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