La Casa Azul in the spanish top selling list

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The Afyve top selling lists (the official lists of records sold in Spain) aren’t usually very attractive for the pop music lovers who share the taste for music we have here at Elefant Records. Too many marketing products there, bearing little resemblance with the music we all like and enjoy. But every now and then some good songs pop in and renew our hopes that one day things might change in the Spanish music biz: it is the recent case of “Como un fan”, the new single by LA CASA AZUL, which has climbed directly to number 10 on the top singles list on the week going from october 24th to the 30th, 2005. That means the public have received with joy the release of this new single, which on its first week on sale features among the most asked for along with such bands as DEPECHE MODE or FRANZ FERDINAND (and many others we don’t dare to even mention).



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