La Casa Azul appear in a comercial movie Spain

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One of the most successful movies in the Spanish theatres this next Christmas will surely be a comedy entitled "El Asombroso Mundo de Borjamari y Pocholo", especially due to a cast of actors including Santiago Segura and Willy Toledo, two of the most famous current Spanish comedians.

The movie is about two posh kids from the 80´s who don´t want (or don´t know how) to grow up, and so the soundtrack features a selection of the main pop hits in the Spanish 80´s, the years internationally known as the "movida" in Madrid: MECANO, HOMBRES G, DUNCAN DHU, OLÉ OLÉ, UN PINGÜINO EN MI ASCENSOR, LOS NIKIS. Besides from that, the soundtrack includes a few more songs composed for the occasion by musician Miguel Malla (MASTRETTA), and a guest slot by Elefant Records act LA CASA AZUL: the song "Chicle Cosmos", taken from their first album, "El Sonido Efervescente de La Casa Azul".



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