Guille Milkyway composes the brand new Zona Disney (TVE)

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From the origins of pop music, children’s tv shows have often taken the lead absorbing new tendencies and new artists of sparkling and colouristic willingness. From THE MONKEES to SUPERGRASS, along with the legendary Spanish tv show "La Bola de Cristal", kids from all decades have danced, sung and laughed with songs also enjoyed by the adults. Now Guille Milkway, LA CASA AZUL’s composer and producer, have just composed the brand new ZONA DISNEY tv show’s theme (Mondays and Saturdays on TVE1 / DISNEY CHANNEL): "Vente a Zona Disney", which is also the theme in Portugal (with its own Portuguese translation). The theme is performed on its tv version by Yanira, Natalia, Jimmy, Sergio and Gonzalo, the five teenagers who lead this popular tv show, but will also count in a future with another version, performed for its part by another cheerful and bright teenagers: LA CASA AZUL.



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