La Casa Azul release their first album

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ER-1107 LA CASA AZUL "Tan simple como el amor" LP/CD Digipak

Release date: 1 st December

Tracklist: 1. En noches como la de hoy 2. Quiero parar 3. Vamos a volar 4. El sol no brillará nunca más 5. Cambia tu vida 6. El secreto de Jeff lynne 7. Prefiero bailar 8. C´est fini 9. Siempre brilla el sol 10. Superguay 11. Por si alguna vez te vas 12. Aunque parezca lo mejor 13. Como un fan

The World was ready.We fell in love, flew, danced, we were happy with LA CASA AZUL. It1s been more than three years. "El sonido efervescente de La Casa Azul" filled our lives and changed them forever. But the fact is that they came like a hurricane. They arrived, struck our lives and left. We never knew if Virginia, Sergio, David, Clara y Óscar would come back one day or if that revolutionary EP would go down lonely (even forgotten) in history. In fact, we even doubted that they had really existed anytime.

So, stop the world again! La Casa Azul returns to certify that they were not just an illusion. In your hand there's an album that will touch you deeply again. You are going to hear the most beautiful songs you can imagine. This album will lift you up to Venus. Their own lives may have changed, but they still sing and play like an angel: from ye-ye to psych-pop, from folk to hustle, from A&M sound to tambourine sound, but always remaining faithful to the sparkling sound of LA CASA AZUL. If you enjoyed them three years ago, today they'll dazzle you for life, because, after all, this album is really as simple as love. That's how they are. No tricks.

Text written by Daniel G. Campanella

(Musical journalist and critic. He directs and hosts "Pop Parade" Radio Show)



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