LA CASA AZUL: Reissues 2023 in vinyl "La Revolución Sexual" y "La Polinesia Meridional"

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“La Revolución Sexual” LP [Clear Blue Colour Vinyl - Limited Edition - Updated Cover]

“La Polinesia Meridional” DOUBLE-LP [Gatefold Sleeve – Orange Colour Vinyl – Limited Edition] /


For Elefant, talking about LA CASA AZUL is like talking about a dream that came true right before our very eyes. We have always been right alongside Guille Milkyway, arm in arm, enjoying the trajectory of a musical genius that has broken barriers with that personal, unique way of seeing music, turning it into a mass phenomenon, an incredible group, an unforgettable project within the pop panorama. That’s why we like to look back every so often and bring back one of their grand moments. Like this new reissue of “La Revolución Sexual”, on a gorgeous clear blue vinyl. We’re also re-releasing its immediate successor, “La Polinesia Meridional”, this time on an orange-colored double vinyl with a gatefold sleeve. Because “La Revolución Sexual” is an anthem that belongs, in its own right, to the collective consciousness and the history of pop music in this country. It is one of those works of art that transcends time and has been out of print on vinyl for ages. We know that many fans have been anxiously awaiting the chance to have these vinyls in their collection, and that’s why we have put so much care into every detail of these releases for you. It’s a special moment that’s worth it all. Enjoy!




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