ELEFANT: Playlist with the Elefant songs on the soundtrack of the Netflix show "The Mess You Leave Behind"

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The new Netflix show “The Mess You Leave Behind” sounds like Elefant Records - eleven songs from   Elefant groups are included on the soundtrack from Netflix’s latest show. “The Mess You Leave Behind” is a very addictive Galician-style thriller that takes place in a high school, yes, but with a very ambitious storyline. It is based on the novel of the same name by Carlos Montero, who has also been responsible for bringing it to the small screen. With a cast that includes great actors like Inma CuestaBárbara Lennie and a breakthrough performance by Arón Piper (Elite), this new eight-episode mini-series is here to leave us speechless, and above all, hooked on the story.

And the same is true for the soundtrack that accompanies it, where we can find no fewer than eleven songs from nine artists from the Elefant Records family: LINDA GUILALA, PUTOCHINOMARICÓN, FAMILY, LA CASA AZUL, LA BIEN QUERIDA, NEVVER, RUSH WEEK, Maddie Mae and DISCODÉ.

Songs that help to give this story its air full of mystery that lets us travel with the characters and dig around in their feelings to find out who is guilty in this enigma waiting to be resolved. It is an eclectic collection of songs that reveal the secrets behind each of the characters on “The Mess You Leave Behind”, and accompanies us on their journeys between past and present. Murder has never had a better soundtrack. "How long before you listen to it, too?"

Elefant Records is also the active star of the soundtrack of the hit show “Elite”, with artists like NOS MIRAN, THE PERFECT KISS, LA CASA AZUL, ATTIC LIGHTS, DIE KATAPULT, THE SCHOOL, FITNESS FOREVER, THE PRIMITIVES, Cristina Quesada and THE MAGIC THEATRE, among many others.

Listen to the playlist of our songs on the “The Mess You Leave Behind” and “Elite” soundtracks on Spotify or Apple Music.


Playlist “The Mess You Leave Behind
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4z591tsbaXp4LkAfc2ldHs?si=bXRIYdwWQRaPNurVGWuDNg

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/es/playlist/elefant-in-desorden-que-dejas-mess-you-leave-behind/pl.5f85f24a3a224e97bd8d3a6262e9f9eb

Playlist “Elite”
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2uV2BdjpyOwkPfepLtQUbK?si=mxOg49ApQbOGHGl0WAC-sg


Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/es/playlist/elefant-in-elite-netflix-tv-series/pl.61ce1a84081a4b19b2119b9129310047



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