LA CASA AZUL: "Podría Ser Peor (Remix)" Digital Single

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We finally have the new LA CASA AZUL album, “La Gran Esfera”, in our hands and it’s full of great hits and songs that invariably form part of a unique repertoire. This album is destined to mark a before and after in Guille Milkyway’s career, and it stands out as a hit on the dance floor where ever it plays. This is partly because of songs like “Podría Ser Peor”, which was the first advance for the album, and which is a total disco anthem that we are releasing now as a remix on a Digital Single with two versions – the normal one and an extended version. Like those NEW ORDER Singles in the eighties. So that there is not a dance floor in the world that doesn’t play a song of this stature.

It is really exciting to listen to such terrible and frustrating lyrics move to such a groove, with that untouchable disco spirit and those tremendously sunny melodies. It’s an explosion of emotions and euphoria on a remix that accentuates the nocturnal and summery spirit of the song. How easy it is for Guille to make us float and make us feel completely uninhibited!



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