LA CASA AZUL: "El Final Del Amor Eterno" Video-CLip

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LA CASA AZUL: “El Final Del Amor Eterno” video

Text by Juanma Carrillo [video Director]


When I started working on “El Final Del Amor Eterno”, the first thing I thought was that it was a new challenge and also a huge responsibility to put images to what is clearly going to be one of LA CASA AZUL’s greatest hits. I got a bit of vertigo and a bit of writer’s block, faced with such a complex song, because when a song is this big, the feeling of not being able to measure up is very real. After a lot of thought, I decided to look past the “up-tempo” that was causing me to freeze up, and focus on the darkness of the lyrics, since at the time I was also going through something similar to what the song talks about. The complicated mix of a dance song that talks about a romantic crisis forced me to maintain a balance between the narrative and the rhythm. Ultimately, the micro-stories about characters that are going through different kinds of crises took over, as I didn’t want to only focus on the heartbreak. That’s why there are characters who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin, or who have lost faith in their family; it seemed like they could make up a group cast, once again led by a magical and special girl and an antagonist just as luminous, but at the end of her life’s trajectory.


I felt like this song was letting me show some of my soft spots; characters that are waiting for a miracle while they feel lonely in abandoned places. I wanted to show the loneliness that causes hope when everything seems lost, and mix it with pure innocence, that innocence that we lose each time a relationship fails. Once again, my references for American and Canadian photography from the 90s (with Gregory Crewdson and Jeff Wall in mind) led me to a colorful day-to-day full of artificial lights perfectly mixed with the mysterious aura of certain TV shows that have made an impression on me recently, with their careful photography and composition. And, of course I included small hints at the classic movies that I learned from.

Juanma Carrillo




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