INTERROGACIÓN AMOR “Sin ti no soy nada" Single Digital

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They don’t accept definitions or labels. They play at misleading so well that we all know they aren’t interested in that. They are real. Authentic. They are radically different than any other group you know. That’s why their new single is going to blow you away (again). It is a cover of AMARAL’s “Sin ti no soy nada” taken to the range of audio experimentation, where frequencies twist together and the rhythm creates a sonic trance somewhere between industrial music and Ibiza nights. As if Björk decided to remake Chrissie Hynde songs. That’s where the musical extasy lies, the catharsis, the freedom and the love. And no, this isn’t about deconstructing or about posturing. Javier and Carlos went into this cover with this position: “Covering “Sin ti no soy nada” is an exercise in nostalgia and adaptation of one of our earliest references, revisiting a classic that is emotional, fragile and powerful through the way it experiments with sound”. This song was played a major role in their concerts in 2022, and which ultimately, after the response it received, has turned into this new single. We will never get tired of saying it: INTERROGACIÓN AMOR is a rara avis, an exception, an infinite quantic accident on the music scene. We need them. And the best part is that we don’t even know how much yet.








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