INTERROGACIÓN AMOR “Fortuna" Single Digital

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After a period of change, Carlos and Javier made up for lost time with that powerful and brutally honest album, “cómo un ángel podría romper mi corazón” (2022). They’re back now with a new Digital Single, “Fortuna”, which the band themself produced this time, and with mixing by Pablo Cuerno – DJ HATER (a Los Invernaderos resident), who had already collaborated with them on their previous album. And they take it a bit more to the extreme this time. It has an industrial sound, almost digi-core, desperate lyrics, from a person who is out of luck and addicted to his own misfortune. INTERROGACIÓN AMOR’s music continues to get more radical, and, above all, if we look back, it continues to stand out as a rara avis on the international scene. For of its musical and lyrical language, sure, but also for its inspiration and immeasurable brilliance when it comes to getting down to it.




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