INTERROGACION AMOR “una manera perfecta de morir" Single Digital

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INTERROGACIÓN AMOR have something indescribable. Fascinating. Each of the songs we have heard from the new album comes from different musical parameters, but all hide something dark, mysterious, something that makes listening to them a tremendously attractive challenge, something almost sick. “una manera perfecta de morir”, the third single from the incipient “cómo un ángel podría romper mi corazón”, begins somewhere between whiny folk and trip-hop, between BECK, PORTISHEAD, UNKLE and SPOON, to slice through the shadows alongside THE XX. It is simultaneously a poetic and disturbing journey, somewhere between love and death, with a tragic spirit and hazy structure, maintaining a pop essence from the shadows, sliding between styles almost unconsciously. With outstanding production work by DJ HATER, that “Que si te tiras me tiro / Vas al infierno y te sigo” (If you throw yourself off I throw myself off / You go to hell and I follow)penetrates like a mantra. And we are just trying to shed some light, to find some answers, between goosebumps and cold sweats. But there are questions it is best to never answer. We’re sticking with the interrogation.



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