INTERROGACIÓN AMOR "NADA!" Single Digital [23-3-2022]

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The diptych formed by “mariposas y vómito” and “vómito y mariposas” were destined to be cult classics and legends, and to make INTERROGACIÓN AMOR an unforgettable event on the national independent pop panorama, and that is exactly what happened. They are a rara avis that are now going through a transformation. This transformation is ultimately confirmation that this story is not ending here, and that there is still so much more to say. Now a duo, this new single, “NADA!”, marks a new era for Carlos and Javier, as the first advance from the second album from the INTERROGACIÓN AMOR project. It is the starting shot, a cry to the heavens for rebellion and a statement of intentions. Because as soon as you press play you realize that so much has changed.


This time the work is happening in the studio (they chose to work at El Invernadero) and we find ourselves listening to a dark, direct synth-pop that moves progressively into post-punk and noise. The coproduction work of DJ HATER (an El Invernadero resident, who has worked with groups like BAYWAVES, MEGANSITO EL GUAPO, MORI and IRENEGARRY) was key to this sound – he is a dilettante activist for urban sounds and with a style strongly marked by internet culture. The song presents a futuristic imaginarium with dystopian touches, supported by images from Pablo Aragón (@parafeno) and with photographs from Adri Cuerdo and stylings by Lara Ortega. Powerful, aggressive, dark, danceable. The door to a new album creates a lot of unknowns, aware of what the people who made it are capable of. A world designed with new sounds and new attitudes, and a narrative that promises to pull the spectator in with all their senses. We are impatient. We want more.




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