HELEN LOVE: "Where Dylan Thomas Talks To Me" a song tribute to 3 great Swansea Poets, Dylan Thomas, Vernon Watkins and Nigel Jenkins

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From Igor Stravinsky to John Cale, Stan Tracey to Peter Blake, and Edith Sitwell to Dannie Abse, artists, musicians and writers have been inspired by the work of Dylan Thomas to create their own tributes to Swansea's most famous son. The latest artist to join this illustrious group is Swansea indie punk pop legend HELEN LOVE who's penned an affectionate tribute to Dylan, his fellow Swansea poets Vernon Watkins andNigel Jenkins, and to the town of Swansea.

2014 has seen celebrations across Wales and beyond to mark the 100th anniversary of Dylan's birth, and fellow "Kardomah Boy" Vernon Watkins has been honoured with the unveiling of a blue plaque in Swansea. The year has also seen tributes paid to the highly respected poet and writer Nigel Jenkins who sadly died in January 2014.
So here's the soundtrack to the Autumn of 2014 when we all went a bit poet mad and partied hard like Richard Burton.

Andrew Dally





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