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Under The Radar [En]: Premiere: Cristina Quesada – “Just For Fun (Alpaca Sports Cover)”

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Premiere: Cristina Quesada – “Just For Fun (Alpaca Sports Cover)”


Alpaca Sports’ Sealed With a Kiss Due Out Feb 24


Alpaca Sports’ debut full-length Sealed With a Kiss isn’t even out yet (you’ll have to wait until Feb 24) but it’s the gift that keeps giving. We’ve already heard Red Sleeping Beauty’s cover of “Just for Fun,” heard When Nalda Became Punk’s noisy remix of “As Long as I Have You,” and seen the playful video for “Just Like Johnny Marr.”

Now it’s Cristina Quesada’s chance to put her stamp on “Just For Fun.” Quesada’s take is a bit tropical, a bit twee, and a whole lot of fun. Take a listen to our premiere of the track below.











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