CRISTINA QUESADA "Per Te E Per Me" Digital Single

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TRACKLIST: 01 Per Te E Per Me  02 Una Notte Intera  03 Escúchame  04 Hold On To Love


We are still extracting gems from the last collaboration between Joe Moore and Cristina Quesada, which gave us that ultra-enjoyable album “Dentro Al Tuo Sogno”. And this time we have chosen “Per Te E Per Me” as the star of a new Digital Single that comes packed with extras. And why “Per Te E Per Me”, you ask? Because it perfectly embodies the spirit of an album dedicated to Italo Disco, with its innocent cunning, its rhythmical danceability and the velvety voice of Cristina in Italian. And to complete this package, we have a video by Daniel Cuenca who puts into images the profoundly eighties quality of this exercise, which falls somewhere between evocation, melancholy, and celebration, with those choreographies and duplicated images.


Three previously unreleased tracks, taken from the album’s recording sessions, are the cherry of top. “Una Notte Intera” is based on the version that Rita Pavone made of the James Last song “Games That Lovers Play”. “Escúchame” and “Hold On To Love” are compositions by Joe that have never been released before, and that abound in the idea of the album, the first with a lysergic production, dream-like and with lyrics by Cristina, and the second gets back to playing with that duality of dark verse/luminous chorus, and is just as perfect. It’s amazing how many powerful compositions have come out of this new collaboration, for a long night of dancing, sensuality, and emotion.




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