CRISTINA QUESADA "The Only One" Digital Single

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If just a few weeks ago we were discovering new songs by Joe Moore for Cristina Quesada on the “Primavera” single, this new single, “The Only One”, confirms that the next album from our Pineapple Princess (“Dentro Al Tuo Sogno”, out in June) will be totally in the key of Italo disco. Fat bass, frequency-saturated keyboards, cushions of sound as thick as polyurethane and galloping eighties stylings to work us up to the maximum. This song evokes the greats of this sound like Katy Gray, SAVAGE and Gazebo, and it is the star of a single that comes with two huge gifts. The first is a previously unreleased track that will not be included on this album, “Love Transmission”, a new exercise where the bass once again carries the lead vocals, with explosive strength that takes us to a meeting point between the sweetness of Rose and the out of this world amazement of Giorgio Moroder and CYBER PEOPLE. Darker and more porous, but just as evocative. And the second is a video by Daniel Cuenca which captures the spirit perfectly: neon lights, sparkling dresses, dancing and night-time. Why not say it – it’s a personal look at the “Flashdance” spirit. All this to open the door for an album that promises endless nights of pleasure and dreaminess, capable of mixing perspiration, fantasy and happiness.


TRACKLIST: 01 The Only One  02 Love Transmission




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