Cooper recordings songs for new EP

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We are delighted to announce some good news for the many fans of COOPER, who have been patiently waiting for this moment for some time now. A few days ago, Alejandro's band entered the recording studio to lay down four new tracks, destined to be released as a four-track EP titled "Días de cine" ("cinema days", the title of a cult late night TV show in Spanish TV). The songs that are currently being recorded by the band and which will form the new, cinematic EP by COOPER are "El sur" (the title to a movie by Spanish cult director Víctor Erice, and a song that had already been played live at some gigs by the band), their cover version of "Where I find my heaven", originally by the GIGOLO AUNTS (and featured in the OST of the movie "Dumb and dumber") plus two completely new tracks: "Rainman" and a new song as yet untitled.



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