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In a few weeks time we will at least receive "Días de cine", the new EP by COOPER with the conceptual link of the appreciation of cinema. The cinematic references can be found above all in the titles of the three original songs we find in this new deliver of our best guitar pop songsmiths, which will mean as well the return of COOPER to live shows and concerts, presenting these new songs on the road during the last weeks of 2006.
The record opens with "El sur", a guitar pop song that had already been played live by Alex Díez and his band in their latest shows. The following track is "Rainman", a mid-tempo that follows the tracks of TEENAGE FANCLUB's guitar work, and "Un día de furia", a song so new it didn't even have a title when they entered the studio to record it, which starts and finishes with a catchy distorted synthesizer riff giving the counterpart to the vocal lines. As a bonus track, COOPER close this magnificent EP with a version of the 90's guitar pop classic "Where I find my heaven", originally by the GIGOLO AUNTS.

"Días de cine" is just four three-minute pop songs; a short dose of hummable melodies, infectious beats and dreamy lyrics that take you to the dark but comfortable atmosphere of a projection room: the ephemeral magic of the best pop music, condensed in its most natural format.



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