"Retrovisor" Cooper's new album

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Tracklist: 1. Cierra los ojos 2. Rabia 3. Cerca del sol 4. 747 5. Munich 6. Oxidado 7. A oscuras 8. Silverstone 9. Yo sé lo que te pasa 10. Lejos 11. Sin respiración 12. Quiero regresar

“Retrovisor” is a new COOPER album, although the band has only recorded three new songs; in short sessions, always stuck to their compromise with immediacy and spontaneity. They have been reunited in an album with other songs that have been appearing during 2003 and 2004 in different formats. Twelve songs to be a past viewfinder, a complete retrospective to be graphically expressed in the album design with a collage technique (images from different moments, different situations, different formats, in perfect analogy with the album’s sound content). The elements in the collage are pieces of art by others (besides “chance art”) in a certain way used by Alejandro to build his own universe, linking music and lyrics with the images they bring to the mind of someone obsessed with pop culture: The plane from "747", Chillida’s Comb of Winds from "Oxidado" (also with mentions of the Kursaal), the Munich BMW building or even Manchester Cooper Street. A series of references as keys to understand an aesthetic and musical universe which evolves -at the same time, revealing itself with growing clarity- in every new step by Alejandro as composer and creator.

"Retrovisor" represents a review of the results of COOPER’s brand new focus, radically independent and centered on pop music passion, immediate and absolutely present. Alejandro wrote in regards to the release of "747": if you make just an album you will seek perfection, while, if you release singles regularly, it allows you to sit and see the way your music “breathes”, letting it grow and suiting your steps to it. "Retrovisor" means a break in this growth, an analysis of all the releases up to date, reviewing the notes and observing with perspective.

After listening to these twelve bright, energetic and all-time pop songs, we come to a clear conclusion: the decision taken less than a year ago was right. This release, taken as an album, stands up perfectly without support, as a qualitative advance from the already consistent "Fonorama", but also benefits from the vigor, the nerve and the audacity of these short and concentrated recording sessions. Small restorative pills of an immediate effect, along with their characteristic riffs and melodies, such as the three brand new songs, previously unreleased: "Munich", "Rabia" (THE BEATLES leaked through the most speedy new wave) and "A Oscuras" (nostalgic and intimate); most songs (some of them remixed) from their two previous singles, "747" and "Oxidado", already out of stock and this way available for their large audience; and a variety of rarities: "Cierra los ojos" (a gift with the 2003 tour ticket and previously unsold), the cheerful "Sin respiración" (previously included in the "Modapop" compilation) and a cover of LOS FLECHAZOS’ classic "Quiero regresar", which appeared on the cd gifted with the Kitchenette fanzine, besides being released in a split-single with German band THE CHEEKS.

Besides, this album (which will also be released on a vinyl limited edition) includes the video clips of the songs "747", "Cerca del sol" and "Cierra los ojos". A look at the immediate past, a clear rear-view mirror. From that point, COOPER looks forward again, faithful to their principles, with the certainty that the analysis of the days gone by gives, and the proof of being in the right track. With us, alongside, enjoying their excellent time.




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