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"Let´s get out of this country" review

Camera Obscura [You Aint No Picasso]foto: Archivo Elefant



"Lloyd, I´m ready to be heartbroken" review

Camera Obscura [Manchester Evening News]foto: Archivo Elefant



"Lloyd, I´m ready to be heartbroken" review

Camera Obscura [Music]foto: Archivo ElefantCamera Obscura [Music OMH]foto: Archivo Elefant



Let's get out of this country

Camera ObscuraLet's Get Out of This Country[Merge; 2006]Rating: 7.8"I feel like getting confessional," Tracyanne Campbell sings on the title track of Camera Obscura's third LP. This comes as no surprise to those of us who got all moony and maudlin over the Glaswegian sextet's first two albums. In 20…



"Underachievers please try harder" review

Camera Obscura [Gunslinger]foto: Archivo Elefant



"I love my Jean" review

Camera Obscura [Time out]foto: Archivo Elefant



Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi

Camera ObscuraBiggest Bluest Hi-Fi[Andmoresound; 2001; r: Merge; 2004]Rating: 7.5A few years before Underachievers Please Try Harder whispered its greeting to bookish girls and the boys who write sestinas about them, there was another Camera Obscura record. In those days, the wispy Glaswegian septet…











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