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Let?s get out of this country

What would you say it?s the main evolution with the new album?
-We used a producer for the first time and that has made a huge difference to our sound.

Did you have in mind any idea of what you wanted before getting to record it?
-I knew I wanted it to be a lot bolder and less middle of the road than out previous albums.

And do you think you got that on tape in the end?
-I think we got more than we thought we???d get.

Why did you recorded it in Sweden?
-The producer Jari Haapalainen is Swedish and had a lot of experience working in studios there so
it made sense to go where he wanted us to go.

Had the subjects that get you to write a song changed since the beginning of the group?
-Yes, I think any songwriter would say the same.

I really like that the single mentions Lloyd Cole, as I always followed him and I think his first
album is a masterpiece. Any fans of him within the band?
-Yes, Carey and I love love Lloyd Cole and The Commotions. We went to see them twice on their
Rattlesnakes reunion tour and they were fab!

Have you heard from Lloyd Cole on the single?
-Yes, he likes the song.

Recently, I interviewed Richard Hawley and he told me you?re his favorite band from the last
years. Anything to say?

-I?m very flattered. I talked with him on the phone a few times and when the band turned up at
his gig in New York a few months ago he told the audience we were in the house and that we were
his favourite band.
-It?s funny, cause you always said you liked Richard Hawley. What do you find in his music?
His music and his voice moves me. He???s a very talented guy and I hope the whole world gets to
hear his music.

I also thought you liked more kinds of music that what can be heard from your records. Is there
anything that you like that we would not associate with you?
-I like Bollywood soundtracks. I don???t think you can hear much of that in our music can you?

Your song "Your Picture" reminded me of "Suzzane" by Leonard Cohen and "Marathon Not A Sprint"
took me to "I Want YoU" by Bob Dylan. Was it on purpose or some kind of homage or just a
-Yes, I guess it was on purpose.

Is there any other song from you that people associate with another artist?
-Not sure!

And would you dare to say which was the main influence in any other of your songs?
-We just play the songs as we feel. We don???t purposefully try to sound like other people all of
the time.

I guess you?ve been asked this question hundreds of times, but have you found out what?s in Spain
that the group is so well received?
-I have no idea. You???d have to ask the people.

You are going to tour America. How was it before and what?s the difference in the reaction there?
-We have toured there once and we were received very well. I exspect it will be more of the same.
Maybe a little more popular.

I just published a book on rock?n?roll anecdotes. What?s the funniest thing that ever happened to
the group or can you tell me any anecdote?
-At Bennicassim John walked in on Beck in the loo.

Xavier Vali?o

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