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"Various - Space escapade [Aventura espacial] Unit 1 Destination: Pluto Sector 68" review

V/A- Space Escapade
UNIT 1/(AVENTURA ESPACIAL) DESTINATION:PLUTO, SECTOR 69-(ELEFANT)-Ok, the title is a real mouthful and , as with most Elefant products the packaging is quite special. A lovely fold-out digipak with some cool artwork (and the phrase, “The Universe’s Most Experienced Spacelines” on the front). Disc one starts off with the electronic pop sound of La Casa Azul then from there it is the always charming Helen Love with “New Boy in Town.” Elsewhere on disc one you have Trembling Blue Stars (“All Our Tomorrows”), Camera Obscura (“Lloyd, I’m Ready to be Heartbroken”), The School (“Is He Really Coming Home?) , the superb Speedmarket Avenue (with the great “Way Better Now”) plus plenty more. On disc two is more of the bands I just mentioned plus many bands I had not heard of that are certainly worthy of your time (The Carrots, Modular, Bla, Sucrette, Single, Ibon Errazkin (former frontman of Le Mans) and plenty more since there’s 44 songs in all (22 on each disc just to keep it uniform). Judging by the notes it looks like most of these songs are previously released but there are a handful of exclusives and heck, the batch of songs is so good that even that they are previously released it’s still a great bunch of tunes to spin at your next space-age bachelor pad party. Do you want to impress your friends (of course you do) if so then don’t wait, go to one of these websites NOW: (for those outside of the US) or (for those in).

VV.AA. [Dagger magazine]
picture: Archivo Elefant










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