BMX BANDITS (feat. Anton Newcombe) "Razorblades & Honey (Hifi Sean Revisions)" Single Digital

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TRACKLIST: 01 Razorblades & Honey (Hifi Sean Revision)  02 Razorblades & Honey (Hifi Sean Extended Revision) 03 Razorblades & Honey (Hifi Sean Dub Revision)


“Razorblades & Honey” was a song that our beloved Duglas T Stewart and Anton Newcombe (THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE) wrote together on a summer night in Berlin, and which was released on the marvelous “BMX Bandits Forever”. The song celebrated a dark, mysterious pop psychedelia, with a melodic hook that is the trademark of such talented composers. Soon after that, Hifi Sean, obsessed with the song and imagining all of its possibilities, decided to remix it. That’s right, we’re talking about Hifi Sean, one of the original members of BMX BANDITS themselves in 1985, who fronted the world famous THE SOUP DRAGONS, and who not too long ago went back to the front lines of the dance music scene thanks to his collaboration with CRYSTAL WATERS on the song “Testify”.


And from that we got three versions – one is techno-pop that lets the NEW ORDER influences that were already sneaking into the original baseline develop; one is an extended remix, the kind that hypnotizes you while you’re on the dance floor; and one is dub style, once again making the most of that magical baseline, giving it a radically outer-space tone and going head first into the most martial 4x4. You can’t resist moving your feet. And for the first time, these songs are going to be available on all digital platforms. To light up our nights with the best music. To remind us of the best days of Madchester. To stay up all night, to get to sunrise with your spirit in top shape. And then to go home and turn on “BMX Bandits Forever” and feel the pleasure of the music that takes our hand and leads the way.





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