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For The Rabbits [En]: Indietracks Review

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Indietracks Review – Sunday 


  The walk from the campsite to the festival is soundtracked by the punk-pop strains of Axolotes Mexicanos. Frontwoman Olaya is not always entirely in tune but she more than makes up for it with a delightful energy, and sense of pure fun. The music behind her is a feisty punk racket and the whole thing results in the rather odd feeling that you’re watching the Ramones fronted by a Spanish Poly Styrene. It’s the perfect wake up call for a slightly tired crowd.    




Indietracks Review – Saturday


Linda Guilala, possess nobody called Linda. They’re in fact a Spanish three piece band, the star is their remarkably energetic guitarist, who thrashes around the stage like a man possessed. They blend shoegaze with the riotous punk of their label mates Los Bonsais, to make an enjoyable noise.


cant remember who this is










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