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TRACKLIST: 01 Plaza del sol  02 La canción que escribiste  03 en mi c♡razón  04 Cuidar a nadie  05 miau ♪ miau 06 ROSAS y ESPINAS (Feat. Aiko el grupo)  07 Domingo  08 S ! M P  09 Amarre  10 Incendio  11 Himawari  12 Al amanecer  13 Al atardecer 


AXOLOTES MEXICANOS have been around for over ten years now. When this adventure started everyone knew for sure they were going to mark the identity of a generation of music. They are capable of bringing together in one single song so many different influences – J-Pop, manga, the most disturbing punk, horror films… They represented the voice of a small majority restless, slippery spirits hungry for life and electricity. After all this time and several singles, a Mini-LP and three albums (including this “4ever” that we are introducing here), they are a super-group. The members have all developed diverse projects that have influenced the different sounds and scenes of the national panorama. Hold on tight because there are twists and turns: CAROLINA DURANTE, CONFETI DE ODIO, TEMERARIO MARIO, Stephen Please, NO FUCKS… But above all they are what they are because they have a frontwoman as unique and inimitable as Olaya Pedrayes. All of this, together with their personal sound, makes us think of them as a giant black hole in the punk-pop space, where we let ourselves get sucked in and abandon ourselves to the unknown and unimaginable energies.


This new “4ever” only confirms what we already know. Once again, they give us those incredible trademark punk hits, more powerful than ever, with the best choruses they’ve written to date, like “La canción que escribiste”, “S ! M P”, “Amarre”, “Al amanecer” and “ROSAS y ESPINAS” (with AIKO EL GRUPO!, what an electric collaboration), where we can hear the incredible production work of Juan Pedrayes himself, with mixing by Bernardo Calvo (who recorded CAROLINA DURANTE’s EPs), Felipe Quintans (LAS LIGAS MENORES, BESTIA BEBÉ… And winner of a Latin Grammy for EL MATÓ A UN POLICÍA MOTORIZADO’s “Unas Vacaciones Raras”) and Dani Alcover (DOVER, NIÑA POLACA, LA LA LOVE YOU). What a combination; so powerful.



Because they are who they are, and because they can, they throw caution to the wind and go for broke several times. Like that epic ballad that is “Incendio”. Like that exercise in luminous jazz that sounds like a tribute to “La La Land” called “miau ♪ miau”. Like that exquisite and summery bossa nova that is “Al atardecer”. The Japanese-accented calypso pop we get on “Himawari” and the J-Pop on “Plaza del sol”. It’s amazing.


They have always done what they felt like and they have always done it better than anyone. And they still do. And we still love them. If AXOLOTES MEXICANOS didn’t exist, they would have to be invented. Although no imagination in the world is enough to think something like this could exist. That’s why it’s even more amazing that they do. 4ever.








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