AXOLOTES MEXICANOS "Himawari" Single Digital

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It’s almost here. After “Amarre”, AXOLOTES MEXICANOS are back with another advance single from their imminent new album “4ever”. And look out, because “Himawari” is one of those fascinating shifts from AXOLOTES, since this new song has some of the Shibuya-kei sound from the early 2000s, touches of rumba, echoes of anime intro and a luminous and catchy melody. Its freshness becomes something brilliant and sing-songy with Juan’s production work, and mixed with Olaya’s clever lyrics it rounds out into an unquestionable, danceable, unbiased, very liberating hit. “Ojalá no viviera en un piso interior / Me olvidaría de tus dramas mirando por el balcón” (If only I lived in an apartment that didn’t have views of the street / I’d forget about your dramas looking out over the balcony). That’s how it goes. Get ready because AXOLOTES MEXICANOS new album is shaping up to be something special.





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