AXOLOTES MEXICANOS feat. CIBERCHICO "Dile que me quieres ~ Renai Circulation Remix" Single Digital

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References to Japanese culture have always been present in AXOLOTES MEXICANOS’s music, and there is no question that these references are more and more a part of the group’s overall esthetic and concept. And this single is the final touch. Check it out. Olaya and her guys take the Opening 4 from the super famous anime show Monogatari, by Kana Hanazawa, rewriting it in Spanish, fusing it with BACHY’s Latin-styled version, and giving it that personal touch of theirs somewhere between hyper-pop, the most danceable techno-pop and a punk spirit. To celebrate the occasion, they invited CIBERCHICO (from the active Valencian collective, Toxic Pop) to work with them on a stellar collaboration, in a style that fits like a glove. The result – it’s the Nintendo Music dream team on the dance floor. That irresistible double chorus that we will sing until we can’t anymore. It is such a rush to sing and dance too on repeat.


But the party doesn’t end there. To make the video, they called their friends Dani Rato (who in addition to making videos for Stephen Please, 9CKLES and CONFETI DE ODIO, plays with CONFETI, MEEKY and NO FUCKS) and AION Club (who has made videos for FUEL FANDANGO, LA MALA RODRÍGUEZ, DUKI and BIZARRAP) and told them to go crazy. And the result? The otaku party dream team, in the WHO studios: videogames, dancing (the original song obviously had to be included, with Tania Love_letter as the guest star), cycloramas, painting anime characters on the walls, karaoke and a final Nerf gun battle until the sun comes up. The video is a shot of savage energy, but just imagining how must fun they must have had recording the video, we thought that maybe Olaya would want to do it all over again, but this time invite all of us. And we could sing and dance to the song until the sun comes up. Just that hyper-colorful cover by Mark Yareham is already filling us with the best kind of envy.


TRACKLIST: 01 Dile Que Me Quieres ~ Renai Circulation Remix (Feat. Ciberchico)




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