AXOLOTES MEXICANOS: "Que Te Pires" Single and Video-Clip

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TRACKLIST: 01 Que Te Pires


AXOLOTES MEXICANOS have reinvented punk. As they have been shelling out new songs from their imminent new album, “:3” (colon three), they have been showing us that they have been able to effervescently express the experience they have acquired in these last few years as a group, though their various side projects (CAROLINA DURANTE, CONFETI DE ODIO, TEMERARIO MARIO, Stephen Please, NO FUCKS, etc), and above all though Juan’s work as a producer. The thing is, “Que Te Pires”, the third advance from the album, is the epitome of all of this. It is a punk attitude that is full of rage, exacerbated, out of control, with touches of contemporary R&B, reggaeton, autotune and influences of some Japanese groups. The lyrics hold nothing back at all. Fury and aggression, power, no restraint. With people insisting at this point that innovation is not possible anymore, AXOLOTES MEXICANOS pull this ace out of their sleeve where the reformulate the most authentic and nascent punk codes in the most incredible way. And they take this all the way to the video, made by the Colectivo Súper Sentai and with the collaboration of the actor Manuel Macías: terror and Halloween, blood and violence, fear and loathing, noise, fury. The AXOLOTES are a voice of the present, built on the foundations of a history that they have always been willing to tear down.




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