AMOR BUTANO feat. CIBERCHICO y LEFFTE "Tifón Salinas" Single and Lyric Video

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It was just a few days ago that we were talking about the Valencian trio AMOR BUTANO’s first single on Elefant Records, where they were accompanied by VALVERDINA and CIBERCHICO. We are closing the diptych with this song, with the participation of CIBERCHICO and this time of LEFTEE, another member of the Valencian Toxic Pop collective. This collaboration floated back and forth between the protagonists for a while, and finally came together in LEFTEE’s studio with this “Tifón Salinas”.


LEFTEE laid out the base with a post-punk synthwave sound, with emulations from the eighties synthesizer Juno 106, but brought it to AMOR BUTANO ground with those unmistakable claps and pop synthesizers that they always have with them. A little (or a lot) of chorus, delay and reverb, and both of their styles are perfectly combined. They decided they wanted to write a song about the sea, and guess where they found their inspiration… As the wonderful chorus says: “Estoy escuchando “Estrella de Mar” / ¿En qué estaba pensando Eva Amaral?” (I’m listening to “Estrella de Mar” / What was Eva Amaral thinking?). Once again, the sense of humor shines in a song that takes love, heartbreak and loneliness as a point of entry.


And tying it in to their first single, “Esta Era”, the lyric video, directed by Javier Artigas and edited by Enrique Tarazona once again, places our protagonists (replacing VALVERDINA with LEFTEE) around a paella dish, this time in the midst of the feast. There are more surprises and bizarre occurrences. And this is another high-octane song that puts AMOR BUTANO right on our radar. We want more. We need it.


TRACKLIST: 01 Tifón Salinas (Feat. Ciberchico & Leftee)




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