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Abus Dangereux [Fr]: Reseña álbum "Spin-O-Rama"



Buzz Bands LA [En]: Popular With Us 2014: Buzz Bands LA’s favorite albums of the year

                    14. THE PRIMITIVES“Spin-O-Rama”  All these past few years of fresh-faced indie-pop darlings and incessant fuzz have led to this … a new album of originals by one of the originals, the Primitives.  Surely, fans of the Pains of Being Bleached Coast have heard the…



Songs For Whoever [En]: Class of 2014 – The 100 greatest songs of the year!

 41. The Primitives ”Spin-O-Rama”(from Spin-O-Rama) ”The initial idea was for the song to be the theme tune to an imagined British 70s children’s TV drama. In fact I wanted to write a whole album of songs around this idea, but it didn’t quite come off. The title was ori…



Muzikalia [Es]: "Spin-O-Rama" [Crítica]

The Primitives - Spin-O-Rama Elefant Records   14 de Diciembre de 2014 - Raúl Julián      Sólo dos años después de Echoes And Rhymes (2012) y tras un par de adelantos previos en forma de single, The Primitivesconsolidan su regreso de hace cinco temporadas con la p…



Canada Daily [En]: Mejores álbumes Indies de 2014

What’s many considerable with a Primitives initial recover in over twenty years isn’t usually a fact that they’ve expelled an album, (which is a box for roughly each fable act creation an try to lapse to a zeitgeist) though a fact that it binds adult opposite their early work AND o…



Discussions Magazine [En]: ELEFANT RECORDS' latest releases!

SPAZ reviews ELEFANT RECORDS' latest releases!           For Pop aficionados, there is no modern record label more exciting or invigorating thanElefant Records.  Whether you are a fan of Power Pop, Baroque Pop, Dance Pop, Lounge Pop, or any other type of melodically-inclined …



Dagger Zine [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" [Crítica]

The Primitives- SPIN-O-RAMA (ELEFANT)  After not being around for over two decades this sugary UK pop quartet returned in 2012 with ECHOES & RHYMES (and album of 60’s covers). I never heard that one and while friends tell me it’s good, you want to hear if a returning band can still writ…











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