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Linear Tracking Lives! [En]: Keeping It Peel With Paul Court of the Primitives [Entrevista]

Keeping It Peel With Paul Court of the Primitives Where has the time gone? This weekend marks 10 years since John Peel's turntable stopped spinning. As we are all managing the juxtaposition of sadness and celebration, I have asked Paul Court of the Coventry band the Primitives for his remembran…



Louder Than War [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" [Crítica]

The Primitives ‘Spin-O-Rama’ – album review The Primitives ‘Spin-O-Rama’ (Elefant Records)CD/ Ltd Green LP/DLAvailable now Since reforming back in 2011 The Primitives have teased their audience with an album ‘Echoes & Rhymes’ of themed covers, admittedly the…



Zona Musical [Es]: "Spin-O-Rama" Album

The PrimitivesPublicado el 22 octubre, 2014 por Juan Rebenaque  Spin-O-Rama es el primer álbum con canciones propias del grupo británico después de su reactivación hace unos pocos años.  ARTISTA: The PrimitivesTÍTULO: Spin-O-RamaDISCOGRÁFICA: Elefant Records Ya está a la venta el nuevo álbum de The…



Shindig Magazine [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" [Crítica]



Tuning Into Obscure [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" [Reseña]

The Primitives – Spin-O-Rama – Elefant Records – CD/LPTheir first album of new material in almost 22 years, the band creates some real indie-pop jewels. I’d say it likens closely to their early material from the mid 80s, picking up right where they left off.  It’s so ca…



Examiner [En]: "Spin-O-Rama" [Reseña]

Primitives – Spin-o-rama(Elefant Records)With pop melodies, Paul Court’s classic jangly guitars and Tracy Tracy’s sweet vocals the British band the Primitives shot out of England around the same time Jesus and Mary Chain, the Wedding Resent and My Bloody Valentine were gaining trac…



Pop Shifter [En]: Music Review: The Primitives, Spin-O-Rama

By Noreen Sobczyk  The Primitives have the distinction of creating—arguably—one of the top ten greatest “one hit wonder” singles of all time with their perfect ‘90s pop gem “Crash.” They’re back with Spin-O-Rama, their first album of entirely original …











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