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Tomatrax [En]: Interview with Paul Court from The Primitives

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Interview with Paul Court from The Primitives



The Primitives, famous for the international hit single ‘Crash’ are back with a new four song EP to be released on 10 inch vinyl. Tomatrax caught up with Paul Court from the band to ask a few questions.

You’ll be releasing a 10 inch EP of new material, what made you decide to put it out as a vinyl?

It’s vinyl and download. We like vinyl and no one really buys CD singles anymore . Where did the title ‘New Thrills’ come from? In the greater scheme of things it doesn’t matter one dot if there is a new thing out by The Primitives – so the title is really just a self piss-take. Though we hope some will be thrilled.

What made you pick ‘I’ll trust the wind’ as the EP’s main song?

We thought we’d have a better chance of getting on Top Of The Pops with that one, but then we remembered Top Of The Pops isn’t on anymore.

Are there any plans for another album?

No – maybe a compilation with a few unreleased tracks.

A few years ago you put out the covers album Echoes and Rhymes, what inspired you to release a covers album?

We just wanted pay tribute to loads of great female fronted pop songs that weren’t that well known.

How did you pick the covers to perform on the album?

It was mostly stuff out of my record box and a few tunes myself and Tracy found while we were working on the project.

Your music has been covered by the likes of Belle and Sebastian, the Wonderstuff, and Johnny Marr, what’s it like to hear other musicians perform your work?

Yes they’ve all done ‘Crash’. It was funny hearing Johnny Marr do it. Morrissey was a fan of ours, but by all accounts Johnny wasn’t that keen on girlie indie-pop. Must have come to his senses all these years later.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Sometimes. Doesn’t take much effort these days with Spotify etc. It’s good to be able to com- pare different tracks so easily, but it can do your head in too. I sometimes long for the days when you’d listen to something in isolation on it’s own merits.

What other music do you listen to?

Lately I’ve been enjoying the music of the Montreal duo She-Devils.

What do you have planned once the upcoming EP is out?

We play London and Manchester end of May and have 3 dates in California early June. After that the plan is not to plan.










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