ELEFANT: Releases 2014

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*ER-D052 LINDA GUILALA "Ukelele Kit Project" Digital Single [11-12-2014]










*ER-1192 COOPER "UHF" Mini LP 12" [24-11-2014]




*ER-D050 LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR "The Memory Museum" Digital Single [17-11-2014]





*ER-1190 BELLE GHOUL "Rabbit's Moon & Doomsday" Mini LP 10" [10-11-2014]




*ER-332 COOPER "Los Veranos Son Para Soñar" Single 7" [11-11-2014]





*ERD-051 HELEN LOVE "Where Dylan Thomas Talks To Me" [03-11-2014]








*ER-D045 BELLE GHOUL "Around For The Weekend" Single Digital [27-10-2014]




*LOST-004 OVIFORMIA SCI "Hablamos De Nosotros"  LP/CD [20-10-2014]







*ER-1191 NELEONARD "Agosto" Mini LP 10" [20-10-2014]





*ER-332 COOPER "Los Veranos Son Para Soñar" Digital Single [15-10-2014]





*ER-D048 WILD BALBINA "Stay Alive" Digital Single [14-10-2014]






*ER-1189 THE PRIMITIVES "Spin-O-Rama" LP/CD [13-10-2014]





*ER-D049 SINGLE "Me Enamoré" Single Digital [10-10-2014]




*ER-333 LA BIEN QUERIDA "Premeditación" Maxi-Single 12" [6-10-2014]








*ER-D047 HELEN LOVE "Pogo Pogo (Ricardo Autobahn Italo Disco Remix)" Digita Singlel [29-9-2014]





*ER-330 MARINE LIFE "Fool Of A Kind" Single 7" [New Adventures In Pop 033] [22-9-2014]





*ER-331 LIA PAMINA "How Come I" Single 7" [New Adventures In Pop 034] [22-9-2014]





*ER-D046 BMX BANDITS "My Girl Midge" Digital Single [15-9-2014]





*ER-329 THE PRIMITIVES "Spin-O-Rama" Single 7" [1-9-2014]






*ER-328 HELEN LOVE "Pogo Pogo" Single 7" [1-9-2014]







*ER-D044 THE SCHOOL "When I Fall In Love" Single Digital [7-8-2014]







*ER-D043 LINDA GUILALA "Verano" Single Digital [14-7-2014]




*ER25-003 LA BIEN QUERIDA "Romancero" LP [14-7-2014]

Elefant Records 25th Anniversary 








*ER-1187 THE YEARNING "Dreamboats & Lemonade" LP/CD [30-6-2014]





*ER-1186 WILD BALBINA “Sisters Before Misters” Mini LP 10" [9-6-2014]



*ER-D042 THE YEARNING "If I Can’t Have You" Single Digital [2-6-2014]





*ER-1188 BAND À PART "Maravillas De La Ciencia" CD [26-5-2014]




*ER-D041 WILD BALBINA "Winter Trees" Single Digital [19-5-2014]




*ER-1185 SINGLE "Rea" LP/CD [5-5-2014]





*ER-D040 SINGLE "Rea" Digital Single [7-4-2014]



ER-D037 FLAVIA MUNIZ "Mãe D'água" Single Digital [03-04-2014]





*ER-D038 ATTIC LIGHTS “Orbison” Digital Single [24-3-2014]



ER-1184 LINDA GUILALA “Xeristar” Mini LP 10" [17-03-2014]



*ER-D037 FITNESS FOREVER "Cosmos III" Digital Single [10-3-2014]



ER25-002 VARIOUS Homenaje a Family “Un Soplo En El Corazón De Elefant” LP/CD [03-03-2014] 

Elefant Records 25th Anniversary



ER25-001 FAMILY “Un Soplo En El Corazón” LP [03-03-2014] 

Elefant Records 25th Anniversary 






ER-D036 LINDA GUILALA "Lo Siento Mucho" Single Digital [24-2-2014]


*ER-D035 SPEEDMARKET AVENUE "Not This Time" Single Digital [10-2-2014]





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