AMOR BUTANO "Te Noto Cambiada" EP [4 Songs]

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The productions Diego Ferrando puts together are just incredible. For those of us who feel a bit like orphans in the absence of songs like the first ones from groups like OMD, THE HUMAN LEAGUE, MADONNA or MECANO, getting new things from AMOR BUTANO gives us a deep sense of relief and helps us control the nostalgia. The perfection in the way they build sounds and textures, melodies, the vocals by Raquel Goterris and Sara Alegre and arrangements, that legion of synthesizers… “Te Noto Cambiada”, their latest EP, is all of this elevated to the highest power. “Mágica”, the advance single, already made it clear what we were in for (fascinating lyrics, powerful bases, eighties-loving synthesizers and totally delicious, catchy choruses). But “Slam Dunk” (yes, like the legendary 90’s anime show about basketball), with that Steve Winwood style guitar and that energy somewhere between BANANARAMA and OBJETIVO BIRMANIA, really blows us away. Just like what happened when we heard BERLIN’s “Take My Breath Away” from “Top Gun”, and what happens again with this “L’Enfant” that closes this release, a low RPM delicacy to talk about an adult’s conversation with their inner child. This child asks why everything has changed so much and wants to get back to the way things were, like in “The Neverending Story”, because the adult is losing their essence. We have left the beginning for last. “Promesas”, the song that opens “Te Noto Cambiada”, is pure light, photovoltaic energy in the form of sound, a divine alliance between ALASKA and DINARAMA, Italo-Disco and NEW ORDER. It is one of those songs that can change your day, that can give you strength and vitality when it seemed like you had none. We are so excited to dance, non-stop. It’s the soundtrack for one of those nights that you live as if it were a dream, because you feel like your floating, everything feels surreal. That feeling is made even stronger with the Neelam Khan Vela collaboration for the album cover photograph. Turn on the disco ball. Now.


TRACKLIST: 01 Promesa  02 Mágica  03 Slam Dunk  04 L'Enfant







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